Experience The Next Generation Of Nordic Mythology


Valhellion Myths & Legends is a story-world inspired by nordic mythology, which incorporates elements of symbolism, adventure and exploration.

It is a new way to explore a city, and experience our shared cultural heritage with a focus on local values and traditions.

You can explore Valhellion Myths and Legends through stories and characters from this universe. The stories themselves are connected to whole cities and local mythology, traditions and history. And you will not just be a viewer, your role is predetermined and important, your mission will be handed to you and you will decide if you dare to complete it.

If you think that you can find the stories here, you are mistaking.  The adventure is out there, in the city, on the streets, soaked into the walls of the buildings.

In the beginning, you will be able to listen to the Valhellion audio stories with a mobile, location-based app, soon to be launched. The mobile app will guide you through your explorations. This will be your gate to the Valhellion universe. You will be able to access the map of a city, you will get the directions to all the locations where stories are, and nonetheless, you will receive a mission.

All you will need is your phone, a pair of headphones and your dedication, and you are ready to explore your city like never before.

"It feels like going on a real quest."

Fenne, 25 y.o.

Coming Soon to Aarhus, denmark

Inspired by Aarhus history, lifestyle, architecture,  and mythology, Valhellion Myths and Legends comes to life for the first time in this wonderful Danish city, which has so much to tell.

Think about standing in the middle of Store Torv, or by the Aarhus Harbour, or perhaps walking on Strøget, and image how being there, you can be transported to another universe, which might seem fictional, but will leave with very real impressions.

You will not only be transported to another space, but also get immersed in someone else’s thoughts. Haven’t you ever been curious how would it be to read minds? Now you will not only experience this, but also discover dark things about the world around you.

Now listen closely, and pay attention to details, to uncover the secret sagas of Aarhus.

"What I mostly liked about this is the scary vibe"

Anne, 25 y.o.

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This project is being developed in our studio at AdventureLAB, in Aarhus, Denmark. We are passionate about storytelling and local mythology, and that is why we decided to create Valhellion Myths and Legends. We are transforming the concept of a city guide into a real, engaging local attraction. 

Visit our website if you want to know more about AdventureLAB and what we do besides writing stories, or send us your message here if you have any questions about this project.

Send your message to Ecaterina: ecaterina@adventurelabstudio.com

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